Conceived in a 1950’s master plan, the Flint Cultural Center represents an outstanding example of Mid-Century Modern planning and design with its strong geometric shapes, large expanses of glass and opaque panels, and use of modern, sleek materials. Many architects, over several decades, have contributed their interpretation to the Mid-Century Modern style represented here in the diverse collection of buildings which form the campus. Visitors can enjoy the architecture while exploring the museums, art galleries, theaters, planetarium, and library they house.

Master Plan, Whiting Auditorium, Longway Planetarium, and Flint Institute of Arts (Original) – Smith, Hinchman & Grylls

Flint Institute of Art – Fredrick Fisher Partners / John K. Costa

Flint Public Library (Original) – S.A. Nurmi / Louis B. Kingscott

Flint Public Library (Addition) – Waterstreet Design

Bower Theater – Mackenzie Knuth & Klein

Flint Institute of Music – Ellis, Arndt & Truesdell

Sloan Museum – Gazall- Krapek

Flint Youth Theater, Longway Addition – THA Architects Engineers

Master Plan Revision – Sasaki

This program is sponsored by the Greater Flint Arts Council Share Art Genesee Grant Program made possible by the Genesee County Arts Education and Cultural Enrichment Millage funds. Your tax dollars are at work!