American Institute of Architects [AIA] Flint – Design Competition

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Below you will find updated information on questions or comments we have received and AIA Flint’s reply.

  • Question: (5/3/2022) The DWG that is provided seems to only show topography and some roads but not buildings, trees or any other context. The RVT file seems to show the same. Is there a DWG file with more information available?
  • Answer: (5/3/2022) Unfortunately we do not have a site survey or other file showing the existing buildings or features, however much of that could be determined through the use of aerial imaging such as Google Earth or Bing Maps for example.
  • Question: (5/12/2022) The DWG that is provided does not show the elevation of the topographic lines. Can the file be updated to show this information?
  • Answer: A new zip file has been uploaded to the project drive. Within this file is an updated cad file that has some of the topographic lines labeled with their respective elevations & includes an externally referenced background topographic image. The files will need to be downloaded and the external reference re-pathed in order to see the topographic image overlay.
  • Question: (5/25/2022) Under municipal category it list several government offices that need to be included in the new design. However, it does not mention the fire station that exist on the site currently. Is this use being relocated off the site or should it be included in our design proposal?
  • Answer: The designer has the liberty to modify the program as needed to suite their design proposal. Providing a new fire station on this site is neither encouraged or discouraged; however a new city fire station will certainly be needed someplace, whether it is included in the design proposal or not is at the designers discretion.
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